Mid Century

Lessons from those who came before us inform the modernization or restoration of 1940s-1970s architecture.

 “Mid-Century Modern” homes are famous for their clean straight lines, large expanses of glass, and low sloped roofs but they do not always age well over time. The large expanses of glass have thin steel frames, which conduct cold in winter.  The single pane windows are drafty and expensive to replace.  Air conditioning, a necessity today, was rare in the 1950s.  Deck and stair railings prioritized views and do not meet today’s safety requirements.

We preserve the lessons and maintain the beauty of these architect-designed homes of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s, while renovating them to meet the current standards for building codes, environmental efficiency, and increased spatial requirements of families today.  One of the lessons of the houses of this time period is that architecture can be made to serve its inhabitants instead of existing to serve itself or honor its creator.